I am usually wearing weird pants and trying to conquer my fears which include heights, my teeth falling out, and baking with yeast. 

My name is Leah

My Photography Style

Is Classic, Authentic, and Unique. Your photos will be timeless, representing your day and love. 
I want you to look back at them years from now and think, "Yep, this is it and it was ours."

Things i Talk a lot about

My husband Tyler, we met on my birthday and he makes all the cheesy country songs true and always has a project.


that we bought and revamped in 2015, you can see some it's progression 

Our Green House

Food being my love language and stress reliever
Books I am reading, mostly autobiographies.

Food & Books

 my dad had it for eight years before he died but contributing to the effort to find a cure is still a big part of my life and passion

Lou Gehrig's Disease

And because all photos don't have to be perfect...


1. My dad and I, me being very pink, him being a Braves fan.

2. Selfie in front of our newly bought house, before we realized how much work we would be putting into it.

3. One of my first photo shoots... forcing my friends to model for me in my childhood neighborhood.

4. Trying to act cool about being REALLY high in the trees.





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