Asheville Glamping | Weekend Trip

Asheville Glamping | North Carolina Mountain Trip

If you have never heard the term “Glamping,” it means glamour-camping. I had only heard it joked about on TV shows up until now.

I found Asheville Glamping by chance while searching for a good place for a group to go. I saw the yurts, airstreams, and dome and HAD to go. I thought Texan would shut it down but he was really open to it.

There are pretty much two thoughts you could follow with glamping. You could think, “Why would I pay about the same as a hotel to essentially go camping?” or you could think, “For the same amount as a decent hotel, I could have a more memorable and unique experience.” If you are on the fence, pinpoint which of the two you brain jumps to. That is probably a good idea of whether or not you would enjoy it.

If you decide it is for you, some of things that made Asheville Glamping particularly awesome is their efforts to really make you enjoy yourself. The bed was much more comfortable than any hotel (they know we are sleeping there, why do hotels STILL not get better mattresses?!) and the outdoor shower was amazing! The toilet is a portapotty for the mini yurt site but at some point the the glamour has to run out and the camping begin.

When we booked they sent a guide to Asheville. It was 22 pages and packed out with their favorite places and their own backstory to how they came about. I have been visiting North Carolina with friends since highschool. We would drive up and back in one day which I now find hilarious. So having a guide to help us plan for a multi day trip was awesome. We used it to plan starting points of our day and evenings and then went from there, which worked really well.
Asheville Glamping in North Carolina photos by Lumarie
North Carolina adventure photos by Lumarie Photo & Design
Mini Yurt at Asheville Glamping
North Carolina Mountains glamping photos by Lumarie

Navitat Canopy Adventures

The 100% highlight of the trip was Navitat, a recommendation from the guide. I have TERRIBLE anxiety about heights not having my feet firmly on the ground. But the way this tour is set up they build your confidence with smaller zips, bridges, etc. so you can get used to it before the big ones.

What I was must impressed with was how they made into something that adventure seekers who have been zip lining before (like Texan) and chickens (like me) could both have equally as great of time. That is a accomplishment for sure.
North Carolina Mountains
Navitat Canopy Tours

After the first two zips they give you the chance to opt out before you take the highest one. Not gonna lie until my feet left the platform I was really thinking I should have gone back but they told us to look to our left. When I saw this I started having fun. If someone goes as the leaves are changing, please show me all your pictures because I can’t imagine how beautiful that would be.

Asheville Moody Cove Navitat
Navitat Canopy Tours
Navitat Canopy Tours Zip-lining
North Carolina Canopy Tours Navitat
Navitat Canopy Tours in North Carolina
North Carolina Mountains Adventure

Saturday afternoon we walked downtown Asheville and by about 3:30 I was beat. I was so tired, I wouldn’t have minded seeing a movie (something I never do, watching a movie where I don’t have the power to pause doesn’t appeal to me) Tyler didn’t want to waste our last night and jumped online to see what was happening around town and found out Pride and Prejudice was being preformed in an outdoor amphitheater! We just happened to have rewatched the BBC version (if you prefer the newer one I respect that but also, how are dealing with no Colin Firth? that’s crazy)  about two weeks earlier.

So we ate a quick dinner and went to watch the Montford Park Players. All of their shows are free which is so cool but the actors come around with hats to collect during intermission so be prepared. We also wished we would have just gotten some food to-go and eaten during the show because that is pretty much standard at their outdoor shows apparently, people even bring their dogs.

During the show they said the line, “The distance is nothing when one has a motive,” which was the quote I thought about often during our long distance dating. Hearing it closing out our first just us trip made me feel all happy.
North Carolina Shakespere in the Park

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