Favorite Things

This was originally going to be a favorite things for travel, that has been temporarily shelved for obvious reasons.

But looking at the list the items were also things I used at home. My “things,” actually don’t change much whether I am home or out. I don’t care for shopping, it stresses me out, and once I find what I like, I stick with it.

So this is my list for home or away, my favorites.


I listen to podcasts every weekday. I usually take breaks and listen to music on weekends. I consider podcasts an opportunity to continue education and be a better human in general.

My all time favorite is Clark Howard, it takes me back to being in my dad’s red truck, listening to people call in with their questions on money. The content is chewable for people who don’t consider themselves money experts. I recommend listening to a Friday episode because “Clark Stinks,” is my favorite segment.

The Lazy Genius Podcast is like having a friend who tells you it’s okay when you don’t know what you’re doing and then gives you tips to improve with no judgement. My favorite episodes are one where she talks about something I already felt comfortable in Making Soup and one that discussed something I thought I was bad at Cleaning a Bathroom.


In high school I realized being hangry hurts my relationships and I make poor decisions when I want food. Lara Bar Cookie Dough flavored is my favorite packable “health snack,” and Trader Joes Super Sour Scandinavian Swimmers is my candy.

Water Intake

Even more then I need snacks, I am very cranky without water. I know it confuses people especially coming from the south where sweet tea reigns but I almost always choose water. I like the flavor of ice cold water more than almost anything.

My favorite container is this Yeti Rambler specifically with the chug cap. It’s is solid, keeps things cold, and I like this cap because my mouth doesn’t have to touch the outside that is open to elements.

Usually, I drink straight tap water with nothing added. But maybe once a day and a lot more when I am traveling and have to be more intentional about water intake, I add a Tru Citrus flavor packet. I like them because they don’t have sugar or sodium and are just enough flavor to feel like something different.


For this season I think I have finally found by sweet spot with printed books and audio books. Fantasy/leisure reads, I still prefer to sit and read myself, I recently finished Roar of the Realm which is a great hardy book if you know you’ll be home for awhile. If you like to read books that the series is already completed Meaghan also has the Droplets Trilogy, that I loved!

For audio books I still listen through the local library app and I prefer non fiction and read by the author. Most recently I listen to Jessica Simpson’s book after my friend Jaclyn recommended it.


Right as the social distancing showed up, windy chilly weather came rushing back. So our gym in the apartment is closed, walks are COOOOLD, staying active is hard. But it’s reminded us, we got in the best shape when we were working out from home and together. Sometimes we write the workout ourselves but if it feels like we just repeating the same sets, we put PopSugar Fitness on the TV and break a sweat that way.


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