Bridesmaids: What You Need Day Of

This is not a hard and fast list but just know you really can’t be too prepared for a wedding day. All of these are things I have had to send a second shooter out to get or find. Having them already on hand can help get stress down as well as the chances of unnecessary blame.

  1. Extra of anything girly. Bobby pins, lotion, feminine products, hair products, Advil… In high school my best friend and I had a bad habit of always assuming the other would pack everything for camp, we ended up having to borrow toothpaste from other girls every summer. Unless specifically discussed with other bridesmaids just bring anything you can.
  2. Your invitation. The photographer usually educates the bride to bring an extra copy of her invites and save the dates for detail shots. But the bride usually has a lot on her plate and this doesn’t always happen. I’ve photographed a few weddings were we used a bridesmaids invite and it was super helpful. Also, it is almost guaranteed someone will text the bride day of because they lost their invite and need the address. Have someone in charge of her phone and be ready to send a picture of the info to them.
  3. A steamer. Bridesmaids dresses are often make of materials that creases easily.This you could probably communicate with the other girls you don’t have five or six but definitely make sure someone has one.
  4. Snacks, mints, and water. There is usually light food where you get ready but meals usually get forgotten about. And granola bar and bottled water can go a long way when y’all have been going all day.
  5. Phone Charger. Every time. Someone always needs one.

What did I miss? What have you needed day of?

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