Dining Room Redo

We have been homeowners for almost a year now. We love it here. This house can pack in people but also feels incredibly cozy.

The dining room was a simple change. The hardest part was scraping the popcorn ceiling. It was the only room that had it luckily. After that it was just cleaning and painting.


The previous owners had blackout blinds because one thing this house doesn’t lack is natural light. The upside of all that sunlight is I don’t have to turn lights on till it’s dark outside. Downside, it’s an older home so lots of heat/AC is lost.

The dining room is longer than usual because until the current living room was added this was the general living area and I assume where they ate. This meant most dining tables are awkwardly small in this room, so Texan built us a table that is one of our favorite places. It fits eight people VERY spaciously and several more easily. We just need more seating to actually fit these people… and a rug, I was unaware how expensive rugs can be.

Having our wedding guestbook sign in here is so fun. When friends and family come over for dinner we can search for their names as we eat. My favorite is the kids that were there and signed in their large chicken scratch.

This still life was painted by my grandmother. It is one of three of her paintings that I have out and it’s fun to be able to share stories about her when asked about where I got the paintings.

For our two year anniversary my mom got us a painting by my childhood best friend Corey Singletary. My favorite is how she depicted the house and those windows, when I round the corner  from the street and see the sun room it just feels like “home”

My center piece is actually an bouquet of fake flowers that I got Cherie. I am not one to buy flowers weekly and make an arrangement so something pretty that never dies is perfect for me 🙂

Up next my favorite room, the Kitchen!


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