Get to kn-Omaha Restaurants

We have lived in Nebraska for about three months. So not a long time at all but we have loved getting know a new city. Especially, the food.

I was not very excited about the restaurant scene when we first visited. Partially I think because I had psyched myself out thinking everything was going to revolve around “Omaha Steaks” and I eat a mostly vegetarian diet.

The surprise to me was 1) Omaha Steaks is a brand, some steak restaurants may carry them but not all of them do 2) People in Omaha don’t obsess over steak.

In fact, I haven’t found one person who when I asked for recommendations started with a steak restaurant. Once I ask specifically they have strong opinions but we haven’t tried them yet but we do plan to!

Over the last few months we have come up with several places. I am breaking this list up into two posts. This one will be restaurants that we take people to when we are trying to show them around Omaha. They aren’t necessarily our top favorites but they are still really good. Also keeping it to a breakfast, lunch, and dinner so if you were just in Omaha for a day you’d be covered.

Breakfast in Historic Florence

Harold’s Koffee House This diner still feels small town and local even though it is actually really popular. The food is cheap and delicious and staff is friendly and contributes to the small town feel. It can be busy especially on weekend but we’ve never waited longer than ten minutes to be seated. Parties larger than four people might have to wait longer. One of the booths has a small plaque commemorating Jack Nicklaus filming a movie there. Make sure you still check out the specials board, wev’ve had some great ones!

Lunch, try a Runza

Runza seems to be one of the things most Nebraskans can agree on. I haven’t said this to anyones face but for anyone who doesn’t know, a Runza is similar to HotPocket. Supposedly the burgers are also great but I love the runzas so I have stuck to those. They even have good vegetarians versions that have real food inside (as opposed to the weird processed proteins that I actually love too). My one complaint is I wish the veggie version could also be ordered with cheese. Tyler loves that they offer “frings,” so he doesn’t have to choose between onions or french fries.

If you were going to Nebraska Furniture Mart , Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium , or Lauritzen Gardens Runza would be great stop after when your starving from all that walking because they are all over the city (and Nebraska interstates for that matter)

Dinner in Old Market

Old Market is a really cool feature of Omaha. It’s pretty much what it sounds like. Most of the buildings are originally from late 1800s to early 1900s and were different markets and stores and are now, restaurants, stores, and lofts. Really the whole place is a fun experience with brick streets and original details but we like to introduce guests with Ms Pub. It’s on a particularly beautiful street with flowers on the awning and the food is great but simple enough so anyone could find something they like.

Okay that is my rundown of “Get to know Omaha” Restaurants. This list will probably change and be added on to (and I hope it does!) but it’s a start. Let me know if there is something else I should add!

Next up will be our favorite restaurants so far!


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