What’s Missing from Your Gallery Wall

  1. Medium space = Your Parents/Gradparents Pictures. If you have a space that you are just stuck on and want to avoid putting another picture of yourself up, start going through older photographs. One of my favorites on our wall is my grandpa’s basketball team photo. It’s just a group of young men in short shorts doing a sorority squat around a trophy you almost don’t see but black and whites like this will never go out of style.
  2. A Long Skinny Area = City Skyline, Architecture. If your space is horizontal this is a great place for your favorite skyline, hometown, where you met your significant other… or a place you really want to go. If the space is vertical start thinking about architecture or really tall things you’ve visited, like the Eifle Tower or the Trees out in California.
  3. A big tall terrifying space = A poster. I bought posters all the time as kid/tweenager. Then I just stopped in high school and college but posters can be a great way to share a special memory. At The Masters they starting selling posters of the first invitation from 1934. It just happened to match our living room colors and gives me a chance to have some hometown pride in a room that is very Texas. Frame them to keep them from looking like teenagers bedroom.
  4. Above a door = Sign. We have a long skinny area above a door that if it had pictures filling it, they would be too small to see and appreciate. So this space turned out to be perfect for a “Janik, EST 2014” that was given to us a wedding gift.I will admit that it’s risky to give a a decoration that wasn’t on the registry but sometimes it pays off and goes perfectly with their other living room room decor 🙂
  5. Too much flatness = a shelf. If you can’t figure out what you don’t like about your wall, consider adding a shelf if there is no danger of someone running into it. Adding dimension can make a huge difference when you are a stuck with a gallery wall.2016-08-01_0001 2016-08-01_0002 2016-08-01_0003

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