Which lens should I buy? Part One


Taken with a prime macro lens

So I started typing this blog and found it to be waaaay to much info for one post. Hopefully two will do it.

I do not consider myself a complete gear head but I do LOVE lenses. I like to point out to Texas that he should consider himself lucky that I don’t care for jewelry but he quickly reminds my glass addiction.

That being said, I don’t get new ones often. Every lens has more to offer than you realize. If something about the one you have isn’t delivering make sure you know how to use it to it’s full potential before you just get a new one.

Like cameras, this is a good time to ask yourself, what will I use this for?

Lenses are not one size fits all. The all time best lens for landscapes is probably going distort faces in a portrait and a portrait lens won’t show the vastness of a mountain range.

Also let’s start by saying the lens that came with your camera (usually referred to as “kit lenses”) are fine but if you want to start taking your photography more seriously, you will find their aperture is disappointing and overall image quality is lacking. Once you make this realization sell them for a little bit of money and put it towards a better one.

All lenses can be put into one of two categories prime (only has one focal length) or zoom (has a range of focal lengths) that each have their own pros and cons.



Usually lower aperture capabilities so you can have that pretty bokeh that everyone wants

and also therefore better lowlight capabilities

I find these lenses focus better


Well since they don’t zoom that means you have to the zooming, its a workout

If you are somewhere where you can’t get closer you are kinda out of luck

Works well when you shoot…

Details, they aren’t going anywhere

Portraits of clients that are old enough to stay in one spot when told



You aren’t limited to where you are, if you subject moves you can follow it without moving

One lens and you could potentially get a wide angle of your surroundings

then immediately zoom in for a portrait without changing lenses


Usually they can’t go as low in f/stop so if it is dark you will have to bump up you ISO/slow you shutter speed

When you buy a high quality zoom lens it will usually be HEAVY=your wrist can get sore

Works well when you shoot…

More unpredictable subjects i.e. kids

Traveling, or scenarios where you may need wide and tight shots one right after the other


To be continued, when I figure out how to condense the rest of things I wanted to say!


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