5 Trader Joe’s Frozen Favorites

I didn’t grow up close to a Trader Joe’s but I remember going to the stores with my mom, I think the first time I went to one was in Tuscon, Arizona and it stuck out to me as special, fun place enough to when I started traveling without my parents, I would try to get the state bag for my mom.

Now I have a Trader Joe’s less than 15 minutes away and it was the first place in Omaha I learned to go without Google Maps. I love finally not having to bring a cooler for the freezer stuff (and several months a year, it’s so cold I can buy frozen things then still go to other stops because #midwest). But I wanted to make a list of the frozen (and one refrigerated) items if you are like my mom and plan your trips around bringing a cooler.

  1. Frozen Hash browns $1.99 – I originally hadn’t planned on including these but while looking over the last two receipts I realized hash browns were on both. I leave for work at 3:30 AM and can’t function without something for breakfast, I toast or air fry one of these and cook and a one egg omelette and I’m good to go (till 8:30 when I am starving again).
  2. Vegetable Spring Rolls $3.99 – We got an airfryer a few weeks ago and we waited way too long to jump on that train. Freezer apps in the airfryer have legitimately had us eating out less and these are amazing! I served them with Soyaki mixed with chili powder and I have heard the chicken version is also great.
  3. Monteli Frozen Pizza Crust $3.29 – A friend of mine said I HAD to try this pizza crust but my freezer had too many ready made pizzas already to work thru so I held off. There are two in a package, they aren’t huge so I normally make a vegetable or salads but they are soft, chewy, and delicious.
  4. Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer $3.99 – This is obviously a coffee creamer but I use in it in Bengal Spice with a little bit of turmeric for a caffeine- free warm up.
  5. Hold the Cone $2.99 – If you liked ice cream drumsticks as a kid, these mini versions are a satisfying treat, our favorite of the regulars is the chocolate chip but the seasonal ones are always good too!

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