Money Saving Websites

This list really got away from me, if was supposed to be like five websites. But once I got started I didn’t want to leave any off any case there was one that someone didn’t know about.


Google Flights -this is a simple suggestion but its still where I usually start when it comes to flights, note Southwest is not included on here.

Scotts Cheap Flights -SCF is one of my favorite emails I receive, I have a premium membership and it 100% worth it in the savings except then we had to cancel because of corona but I am keeping the membership. *If you live near ATL it could definitely be worth it, it’s such a big hub there are lots of deals that show up.

Priceline– There are several different booking sites, I probably use Priceline the most. I have used the Express Deals where you don’t know which hotel you will get and never had an issue the key is don’t worry as much about the star rating and focus on the guest rating. Unless you aren’t picky about hotel only book 8s and up but I recommend only staying a 9 or up if they are reasonably priced.

Airbnb – My favorite place to book where we stay. You can read more about how I choose Airbnbs here. The best part is finding things like private arcades and tiny houses that make your trip even more memorable!

Everyday– I have talked about Clark Howard before and if money comes up, probably will again. If I have a question about grown up problems or money, I type the question followed by “Clark Howard”, if I can’t find my answers there then I do a do a deeper dive but Clark is my go-to.

Qaptical– I don’t personally use an app for budgeting but if you know you need to change up how you manage funds, I have heard good things about this one.

Honey– I haven’t downloaded Honey yet but if you are really into online shopping and okay with the fact it is an extension that watches your internet activity if could save you some money.

Ebay– This is one that I wonder if people think we are crazy for using Ebay. I have bought lens and used children’s books without any problems. Just make sure you read the seller ratings and reviews!

Craigslist– It has a mixed reputation but we love Craigslist, we got professional camera and zoom lens for a third of the actual cost and our favorite, a really nice projector that we would watch movies in our old backyard.

Facebook Market Place– I have actually never used this but I know a lot of people do with great success so I wanted to include it.

Home Related

Zillow– Thought about leaving Zillow out but decided to leave it because finding a house on Zillow, then using a realtor was a great experience for us. It took some patience but getting a great deal on the perfect house for us made it worth it.

Groupon – Does anyone still use Groupon? I love to look over the available deals. My most recent save was a deal on HelloFresh.

GovDeals – We haven’t actually purchased from here yet but Texan has a considered buying a firetruck because ya know we need that…

Goodwill– Secondhand shopping takes patience and dedication sometimes. Only a few magic times I have gone in and gotten exactly what I was looking for and that’s amazing. I also try to have a plan and a list and know exactly what I am looking for to help me not get off track.

Restore: Habitat for Humanity- I loooove ReStore. It’s another one that takes patience but when we were building a bathroom Restore became our best friend. It’s like a Goodwill except with furniture, home maintenance, and building supplies. We got our vanity and counter top for the bathroom for about for less than $100 which saved us hundreds if not more.


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