My Favorite Boxed Cake Mixes

Boxed cake mix is where my love of baking started, cookie dough was just asking to be eaten raw so cake was the only thing that stood a chance. I have a vivid memory have bringing spice cupcakes as part of a group project in an AP class and somehow relating it to the spice trade. My partner probably hated me.

I still keep plenty of cake mix around for “emergencies.” Some old favorites and some new but I don’t feel like I have to make excuses for any of them not being homemade because they are that good.

Spice Cake this is the cake mix that started it all. There is no telling how many times I’ve made this now. Topped with homemade cream cheese icing, I think it’ll always be number one. I usually use the Duncan Hines one but the Betty Crocker on is still great too.

Rainbow Chip It’s not Funfetti, it’s better. I have a hard time finding it though. It was at Target a few months ago and I stocked up and I am glad I did because I haven’t seen it since and now I only have one left 🙁

Ghirardeli Brownies Okay not a cake but close enough. I have this issue with brownies. I never like them when I make them, it doesn’t matter if it’s homemade or from a box, it all tastes weird. But I love when other people make them. My sister in law will make these for us sometimes and they are amazing!

Milk Bar B-day Truffles These are my newest find but I am so excited about them, if you watch MasterChef, Christina Tosi is one of the judges and the founder of Milk Bar Bakery. I always see on their Instagram that you can buy their mixes but had never seen them until the other day at Target (their food section is so fun)! I read some a couple reviews of the truffle and they all seemed to agree the coating that came in the box tasted bad so I melted some white chocolate which was probably easier anyway. Since the product is no longer on their site I imagine they stopped making it but these pretty little truffles will be easy to just use Funfetti or Rainbowchip cake. They also reminded me I have never made cake pops which I should add to my New Years resolutions.



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