Cozy & Nontraditional Holiday Celebrations

Nontraditional Marble & Mauve Holiday

A couple weeks ago we had a get together with some of our friends. Complete with turkey and all the fixings’ and a cozy table with nontraditional holiday color combos like mauve and gold but the biggest thing is it was STRESS FREE!

Recently, a friend mentioned that as kid she thought holiday parties seemed like so much fun but now she realizes they usually just take up your weekends that you wish could be spent with loved ones. We didn’t want this to be one of those parties.

To combat this we did a little of preplanning to make sure no one was stuck with all of the responsibilities, specifically we

  1. Made a shared Google Doc The biggest thing and springboard for the rest of the coordination. We clarified what we were bringing, made sure we were all on the same page, and divided up jobs like florals, menu design, plates and cups, and food.
  2. Use disposable plates and utensils As the one who was providing the house this was  the greatest thing ever. When all was said and done, everybody took their dishes home and we threw away the rest. Clean up was nothing.
  3. 50% Homemade 50% Store bought Okay, you can play around with those percentages but for me specifically, I made cookies from scratch and then put together a cheeseboard, which was minimal effort but maximum impact. The result was I was stuck in the kitchen all day leading up but still had the homemade feel. Bonus: Make as much ahead of time as possible! The cookies I made had been in cookie dough form in my freezer for a week or so, all I had to do was bake them day of!

Charcuterie Marble Holiday Cheese Board

Waiting on Wildflowers floral design
Mauve Cozy floral design
Mauve Gold Marble Floral Design
Cozy Outdoor Living AugustaPhoto

If you want to lighten the load of decor consider calling up Cherie, you’ll be supporting her as she gets her husband to Africa in just a few weeks 🙂


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