New York Part Two

New York City SkyLine

Remember that time we took a trip to New York then I didn’t post it all (gritting teeth emoji)? I think back to this trip and miss these street A LOT now that it’s the Christmas season.

What’s even sadder I don’t really remember exactly which day this was… Maybe the third day… Downside to film. No time stamp.

So whatever day day this was, we went to the top of the One World Trade Center. This trip we went to Top of the Rock and One World. If you had to pick one I would say do One World. It’s just an all around better experience and very well done. If you can do both, do that because the skyline wont disappoint no matter where you are.


If you’re a How I Met Your Met Your Mother fan, you can recognize this field from a lot of their flyover/transition shots. We were excited about it.

Trinity Church & Little Italy

We did some walking and visited the historic churches because it’s free and that is hard to come by there. Tyler and I are Hamilton fans and tried to enter the lottery to win Ticket everyday. It didn’t happen but we visited Trinity Church to see his grave. My only picture of it is out of focus so more lessons in film. How old some of the churches are is insane. To think “This is where our Founding Fathers worshiped,” is the coolest to me.


The rest of this roll could be titled, “A Study in Fire Escapes.” The fire escapes are one of my favorite parts. I think because they don’t really exist here in Augusta. I love when people have grills and flowers set out of their, it’s so homey.



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